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Children of the Earth



Receive from above or take from below,

Light versus Dark, you reap what you sow.


With her newly acquired Gift burning inside her, Solyana Marusda leads her group through the Mothmar snow in search of the prophecy’s secrets. But when they stumble upon the city of Takanah, they find themselves surrounded by the Taka Reu and all it threatens to unleash. Desperate for answers, Solyana finds herself on a path paved with the sacrifices of others—sacrifices that make her wonder whether she is the savior or the destruction of her people.


In the wake of carnage, nearly everything Pallah Bogson holds dear has slipped through her fingers.  With a rumor of hope, she sets out in search of the truth that promises a place of belonging. But as her connection to the Mother Below grows, so too does the influence of forces beyond her control—and when Pallah finds herself the instrument of chaos, there is no way of telling what is or isn’t her own will.


All the while, someone is watching, waiting—with more sinister schemes than either girl can know.

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