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The self-Pub Hub

Interested in self-publishing but don't know where to start? Or maybe you've published but feel like you need some extra help as you do it again? Welcome to The Self-Pub Hub where you can pick and choose your services.


Amanda, is both a joy to talk to, and a well of knowledge. Holy cow. I am half new to most of the author world, and getting to see and hear from her her experience and tips and advice for kickstarter was SO helpfu. I walked away feeling like I had my head on my shoulders again, rather than like I was swimming like I have felt since i started planning my kickstarter. If you have been looking for someone with real advice, counsel and gentle guidance on thoughts, get Amanda. She is fantastic and wise to boot. - Danielle Bullen author of Frost Light

Instagram Review

A super quick overview of your profile and how you can optimize it a bit better. Includes one audio or video message of Amanda giving you in-depth feedback. No follow up. $5


Kickstart Your Kickstarter

Up to a 1 hour zoom call with Amanda to talk shop on Kickstarter. Come armed with questions and we will break down how to set up your book-related Kickstarter, resources, and spreadsheets for success. This program does not guarantee a successful Kickstarter outcome but it does make your chances way higher! $25


Social Media Planning Session

Up to a 90min zoom call with Amanda to chat all things social media. From newsletter, to website, to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Threads. Together we will figure out a sustainable plan for your brand. $35


Publishing Planning Session

Armed with your completed manuscript, you will be entitled up to a two hour zoom call with Amanda. We will schedule out a plan all the way to an eventual release date. $50


Development Manuscript Critique

If you've finished your first and second pass over your manuscript and you're looking for another set of eyes, this is for you! 45min marco polos (video chatting), 3 separate zoom meetings (30min, 1 hour, & 1 hour) I will read over and make notes on your manuscript. We will have a lot of in depth discussion on plot, arcs, and where your story is going. (This is super indepth so make sure your manuscript is ready and thick-skin is donned) The whole point is to get your plot squeaky clean!

35k-50k = $300

50k-100k = $500


The Accountability Program

This is for anyone with a completed manuscript (Anywhere between pre-alpha readers to proofed) who is looking for a publishing accountability partner. I will walk beside you as you go through the publishing process. You will have access to unlimited Marco Polos, monthly 1 hour zoom calls (up to 6), and everything listed above. 

$800 without the developmental help

$1,200 with the developmental help

Interested in services?

Please email me at

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